[erlang-questions] finding hard to find bugs in production systems

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In my experience, the behavior you're describing could be related to process
message queue -- say, you have a process which is using selective receive
targeting one pattern but ignoring the other. Such a process may accumulate
substantial amount of messages over the time and cause increased CPU
utilization (as it gets busier and busier processing selective receive).
It can certainly help your debugging effort to narrow down the problem
scope, so I suggest that you login to the system and issue regs() which may
indicate which process has more messages than it ought to.


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I have a rather large user of YXA that are experiencing problems with
beam consuming 100% CPU until they restart it, about once a month. 

What are people doing to find this kind of bugs? I seem to remember
someone writing that they dump state of all processes periodically in
their production systems - does anyone has code to that effect to share?

I suspect the bug they are experiencing appears to be something similar


although it might of course be something in YXA... It is not that
particular problem although there are similarities, they are running R12
and on BSD (FreeBSD).

I don't think my user is really capable of attaching to the running
nodes and performing very much fault isolation when this happens, partly
because of lack of Erlang wizard status, and also because of urgency to
get the node back up running.

Any ideas (and especially code ;) ) will be greatly appreciated.


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