Safety of closing & moving Dets files

David Holz david_holz@REDACTED
Thu Jan 21 13:13:44 CET 2010

I've got a single process managing a journal message stream, which feeds into Dets.  This process is the only user of that dets file.  I found bchunk/2 and init_table/3 and got them making a snapshot backup of the in-use dets file.

However, when I call dets:close on the new backup file, is this new file itself guaranteed to be actually closed and safe for copying/moving/deleting after the close/1 call completes, given that there is only the 1 process working on it?  The docs aren't clear on exactly when the dets file's close actually happens (only that it's after the last user closes/dies), and there's no async message response for any sort of completion.

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