OT: Please highlight me about JAVA C++ as high level languages just like erlang.

Angel J. Alvarez Miguel clist@REDACTED
Thu Jan 21 00:44:07 CET 2010


I little quiestion please:

Wikipedia (!) shows a bunch of computer languages as "high level" 

c2.com sais 

"A HighLevelLanguage is a ProgrammingLanguage that supports system development 
at a high LevelOfAbstraction, thereby freeing the developer from keeping in 
his head lots of details that are irrelevant to the problem at hand."

and wikipedia concludes that C, C++, C#, Java, VB(Visual basic), COBOL, 
FORTRAN, Pascal. 

Spanish version also cites haskell as highlevel in the same list!!

Can be Java High level on the same category as C (pointers, arrays), no 
closures, bad generics, even no OOP with mehods calls as messages also like 

can be a poor OOP paradigm (simple dispatch vtables) worth be called high 
level abstraction today that we have higher forms of OOP with many even higher 
constructs as native types in other languages and concurrency between object 
and process (well almost since 80 smalltak isn' it?)??? 

So then what category erlang, haskell, lisp are? Very high level? DSL's? 

it seems to me that C++, and Java poorly manage to scape 2G paradigms and do 
deserve to loose this "enligthed view as highlevel languages" in favor of more 
recent an modern pythons, rybies, haskell and of course erlang.

what's your opinion, please tell me.


Some "folks" view C++ or Java as High level languages very capable languages 
even with lots of people questioning now if OOP has failed again

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