[erlang-questions] Amazon S3 / streaming HTTP upload

Oscar Hellström oscar@REDACTED
Wed Jan 20 11:14:13 CET 2010


You could also try lhttpc. Non of the released versions currently support
streaming/partial upload but it's in the main branch of the repository and
I think someone (or several ppl.) are already using it and claiming it
works well. There will be a realese when we've done some additional testing
for the streaming changes, such as the simple load test to see if we're
hurting performance too much with it.

You can find lhttpc either at bitbucket (hg):

or github (git):

You can find examples of how it's done in test/lhttpc_tests.erl. Look for


On Tue, 19 Jan 2010 14:55:29 +0000, Anton Krasovsky
<anton.krasovsky@REDACTED> wrote:
> I'm looking for a way to upload/download largish binary files
> (photos/videos) to Amazon S3.
> Thanks to streaming option in inets http client, downloading these
> files seems pretty straitforward.
> However uploading to S3 is more problematic because streaming is not
> supported for put/post requests
> and entire file has to be read into memory before I can post it.
> Would anyone know about http client/Amazon S3 library that would work
> without buffering of the entire file?
> Regards,
> Anton
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