[erlang-questions] reading config value from system env in common test

Peter Andersson peppe@REDACTED
Thu Jan 14 15:01:05 CET 2010

Hi Aeolus,

Sorry, I don't really understand what it is you want to do. The
CT_INCLUDE_PATH variable is used to specify directories with header
files (for the test suite compilation) and has nothing to do with config
files. When you say config values, do you mean Common Test start
options, like the terms in a test specification? Could you provide an
example maybe?

Best regards,

Erlang/OTP, Ericsson AB 

Aeolus wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> Merry Christmas to all! As a newbie to Erlang, I wonder if common test
> could read config value directly from system shell instead of from a
> config file. Actually there is one mentioned in the doc,
> "CT_INCLUDE_PATH", but maybe we could have more like CT_SUITE_PATH,
> Thx.
> //Aeolus
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