[erlang-questions] [ANN] efene programming language 0.1 released

Essien Essien essiene@REDACTED
Tue Jan 12 17:27:38 CET 2010


On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 5:42 AM, Mariano Guerra
<luismarianoguerra@REDACTED> wrote:
> efene is a programming language that runs on the erlang virtual machine.
> the idea is to provide an alternative syntax to erlang that is most
> suitable for people coming from languages like Java, C, C++, C#,
> Javascript.
> the language is almost 100% compatible with erlang (and will be), the
> compiler allows to translate an efene source file into a readable
> erlang one. It also adds some syntactic sugar in some places to make
> some tasks easier.
> to see how it looks you can go to the examples dir[0]
> more info at efene’s main site[1] and the efene’s github page[2]
> [0] http://github.com/marianoguerra/efene/tree/master/examples/
> [1] http://marianoguerra.com.ar/efene
> [2] http://github.com/marianoguerra/efene/
> http://efene.tumblr.com/post/329929156/efene-0-1-released

I took a look at this and loved it immedietly. The main goal of source
to source translation seems to have been met. I'm not too sure of some
of the syntax like that for binary, I still think I prefer the native
erlang syntax for binary... but that's just me. all in all... very

Do you have any other plans for the efene itself? Maybe some
interesting features like optional typing syntax with efene functions
which could translate to dialyser annotations in the erlang
sources?... something like that? That would really make it compelling.

Also, do you at any point want to do pure erlang vm bytecode
generation? as opposed to erlang source code generation?

Ohh... and the Go frontend driver is pretty nice... I see why the
language has generated soo much hoolabaloo on da intarwebs! :)


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