[erlang-questions] Included applications

Max E. Kuznecov mek@REDACTED
Tue Jan 12 13:19:04 CET 2010

Ok, I see. But what is the reason application:which_applications()
doesn't show any applications except from toplevel and standard ones?
Or maybe it doesn't suppose to?

2010/1/12 Dennis Novikov <dennis.novikov@REDACTED>:

> That's quite logical, as each of your App:start_link() probably starts
> main supervisor of a corresponding included application.
> Included application is a part of main one. Try this in included application:
> application:get_application()
> In first case it will return {ok, included_app1}
> while in second case it will return {ok, toplevel}
> Later variant is how included application supposed to be started.
> --
> WBR,
>  Dennis Novikov


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