[erlang-questions] Benchmarks

Torben Hoffmann torben.lehoff@REDACTED
Tue Jan 12 11:24:09 CET 2010

What is the pain?
And why would Erlang solve that pain?

On the surface anything that matches
http://en.citizendium.org/wiki/Erlang%27s_original_domain would probably be
nice to do in Erlang.

I have done a productivity study on the project where we used it at work
(Motorola, Tetra -
After maturing the prototype we created in the first place I expect
we will be something like 4-5x compared to C++/Java and even more compared
to C (which the comparable products we sell is mostly written in).

Why do we get that big a productivity gain?
Right tool for the job. Hammer and nail.
Erlang was made for the type of application we are doing and hence one can
be quite productive since the semantic gap between the domain and what
Erlang provides - the downside is that you produce fewer lines of code, so
if you are measured by lines of code per hour I would hesitate to use Erlang

Rock´ n´ roll €rlang!

On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 10:36, Henning Diedrich <hd2010@REDACTED> wrote:

> Vlad Didenko wrote:
>>  as it helps to get a right tool for a project.
> As for motivation, I am asking for in-house selling if you will. Winning
> people over to even accept Erlang to the list of valid options.
> Henning
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