[erlang-questions] Shared ETS Access

Jachym Holecek freza@REDACTED
Mon Jan 11 12:05:52 CET 2010

# Zoltan Lajos Kis 2010-01-11:
> Is there any advantage in writing to the table through a server process,
> instead of directly writing to the table (perhaps using the
> write-concurrency switch) ?

[Answering the general question, didn't track the thread closely.]

Depends on the problem at hand. Writing through owner process implies table
modifications are serialized in time, this is useful in cases where table
holds data complex beyond a simple key-value store or when table contents
need to stay in sync with some bits of surrounding world. So "consistency"
or at least illusion thereof is the answer.

Of course, one remembers to think twice before using ETS acrobatically ;-).

	-- Jachym

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