[erlang-questions] erlang:exit/1 eats lots of CPU time

Maxim Treskin zerthurd@REDACTED
Tue Jan 5 07:02:25 CET 2010


I have tested software with Eprof. eprof:analyse() prints log which
contains following strings:

****** Process <0.229.0>    -- 12 % of profiled time ***
erlang:exit/1                                  1          99 %

Erlang node whith this process really eats CPU time, so it is not a
some bug of eprof. May be it is due to garbage collection of process
data on exit? Increasing of min_heap_size up to value which really
used by process has no effect.

How I can decrease CPU time consumption on exit for this process?

Thank you

Maxim Treskin

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