Compiler to warn on used underscore-variables

Zoltan Lajos Kis kiszl@REDACTED
Mon Jan 4 22:49:04 CET 2010

Hello all,

Currently the compiler outputs a warning if a variable is only used 
once. The "standard" way to suppress this warning is to put an 
underscore in front of the variable name.
As a result, an underscore-variable in source codes gives us (at least 
for me) the false notion that it is not a real variable, but only a 
means to enhance code readability.
However the compiler treats them just like ordinary variables, resulting 
in unexpected (i.e. most astonishing ;-)) no match exceptions.

My question is: what is your opinion about / is it possible to modify 
the compiler so that it outputs a warning if an underscore-variable is 
used (not unused) in the code ?


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