[erlang-questions] ERlang and DVB

Jon Gretar Borgthorsson jongretar@REDACTED
Sun Jan 3 17:02:58 CET 2010

Having done a tiny bit of research on IPTV/VOD for a service provider I used
to work for I was not aware of coding/encryption being done using a software
solutions a lot. This is usually done using dedicated boxes connected
directly to the providers feed source. There is also a lot of restrictions
on what you can use set by the distributors. This was usually rock solid and
most people were happy with this.

What is however done in software is all the middleware solution and so on
around it. This is mostly RTSP, RTP and HTTP stuff and Erlang could easily
be a strong competitor in that field. Especially as IPTV over ADSL is in the
domain of the telcos and Erlang has a good rep with them. Currently most of
the solutions I saw were Java based (apart from one Ocaml based middleware I
noticed) and I remember being worried on how we could do system updates with
acceptable downtime. So Erlang's strength would be a welcome thing in this
field I think.

That all being said I'm not in any way an IPTV expert and this was some
years ago. So I may be talking out of my ass here. :)

2009/12/29 Attila Rajmund Nohl <attila.r.nohl@REDACTED>

> Why would you think that? I'm not sure about what kind of
> coding/decoding is done in digital TV, but I guess it involves lots of
> mathematical operations and this is not exactly the strong point of
> Erlang (or generally interpreted languages). As far as I know, even
> the AXD301 uses the linked-in (i.e. written in C) megaco_flex_scanner
> for performance reasons - and that's just text parsing, no expensive
> mathematical operations.
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