[erlang-questions] Dynamic configuration of a running Erlang/OTP application

Scott Lystig Fritchie fritchie@REDACTED
Fri Dec 24 04:17:29 CET 2010

Doug Fort, Consulting Programmer <dougfort@REDACTED> wrote:

df> At SpiderOak, we have an application that involves clusters of 10
df> nodes passing data files to each other.

Hm, depending on what "passing data files to each other" means,
something like the Luwak OTP application (bundled with Riak 0.13 and
later) or using Riak directly as a client could eliminate the need to
store any single file in any single place: data replication is taken
care of for you.


df> In the OTP world of applications that never shut down, others must
df> have encountered this requirement. How can you change the
df> configuration of a running process? (In an elegant way).

IIRC, that's one of Ericsson's main (or at least original) uses for

The Riak Core application could also be a good fit.



P.S. OK, I'm wearing my Basho hat while writing this.  However, all apps
mentioned above are licensed with the Apache Public License, so ... go
have fun!

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