[erlang-questions] Fault injection for testing?

Morten Krogh mk@REDACTED
Mon Dec 20 17:15:37 CET 2010

Of course not, but you can change your quota.
Or use any of the other methods. Change permissions. That is easy.

You can probably trust that file:write_file works, so you just need to 
test one type of error.

Personally I would use permissions or an invalid filename, i.e. a path 
that doesn't exist. Those are both very easy.


On 12/20/10 4:58 PM, Attila Rajmund Nohl wrote:
> 2010/12/20, Morten Krogh<mk@REDACTED>:
>> Hi
>> Why don't you test the various situations that could elicit an error?
>> The filename is a directory.
>> Out of space or quota is used.
>> No permissions.
>> The path doesn't exist.
> Because I can't fill up a 500GB partition every night for the
> automatic testing :-)
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