[erlang-questions] REF: Erlang and OpenGL broken (MOYEN URGENT)

Fri Dec 17 14:33:26 CET 2010

Windows XP, yeah... Wings 1.3.1 standalone as well, esdl 1.0.1, wxErlang + wxWidgets 2.9.1. All of them works on my office machine, so it's not your fault. And I checked my current esdl revamp (which sports opengl support up to 4.1 and also opencl, openal and opende) but no luck either. Have you heard somethings crash ? Neither do I, and that's leaving me a bit puzzled :/


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Windows, I guess?

Which wings doesn't work? home built or downloaded standalone package?

What versions, erlang esdl and wings?

I have changed the OpenGL part of wx to be a standalone dll in the
latest OTP release,
but even if I broke something that shouldn't change esdl or wings.


On Fri, Dec 17, 2010 at 1:08 PM,   wrote:
> I don't know how I managed to do that, but Erlang+OpenGL doesn't work anymore on my machine :(
> I mean, Wings3D starts but hang when it wants to display the OpenGL window, wxErlang OpenGL canvas behaves the same way (hanging) and my previous working esdl code either. Otherwise my C++ OpenGL works fine.
> I checked the SDL.dll, OpenGL dlls, whatever. C code works, not Erlang. Any hints ? Thanks...
> David

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