announcing fnt - jquery-like templates for the erlang platform

Mariano Guerra luismarianoguerra@REDACTED
Fri Dec 17 03:25:41 CET 2010

About fnt - efene templates

first the most important, fnt code is hosted at github here:

the documentation is here:

you are invited to contribute by testing it, reporting bugs, improving
the documentation, spreading the word and the most awesome of all, by
helping with the development.

fnt (efene templates) is an erlang module that allows to compile text
templates into erlang modules to be used in the erlang platform
(erlang, efene, reia, LFE, etc.)

fnt uses the syntax of jquery templates , this has several advantages,
first you have to learn only one template syntax for server and client
side templates, second you can reuse the templates to create server
and client generated pages, to improve page crawling by search engines
and provide non javascript versions of your site without duplicating
effort. Also, you have the benefit of more documentation and examples
of the template syntax.

fnt templates are compiled into bytecode, you get fast page generation
since the template is translated into an optimized function that
avoids string concatenations.

your next step should be following the fnt tutorial:

Frequently Asked Questions

why the name if it’s written in erlang?

I don’t want to push efene as a forced dependency to everyone wanting
to use fnt in languages like erlang, reia and LFE.

also because it will be in the efene standard library and I’m really
bad at names ;)

that said efene is awesome so go and check it out!



more resources

    * Website and documentation:
    * Tutorial:
    * Blog:
    * Central git repo:

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