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Tue Dec 14 13:35:32 CET 2010

Thanks alot Alain. This behavior happens on a fressh Opera 10.63 installation, as well as a previciously installed Opera 10.63 install. It might be a bug, perhaps. However is this 'feature' (paning) really necessary ? A plain ol' html tree ain't enough ?
If the plan is to keep the documentation around a tree-based model (which is a good one) one might consider using a real javascript-based tree that also works under Opera (just tested) like these :
http://www.treemenu.org/ (sourceforge)
It would then be more easy to dive into the documentation's depth, that would render it almost MSDN-alike :)


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Sorry about that. My iPhone is haunted. I wasn't ready to send that.
I was in the middle of typing.

What I was saying is that this issue is very likely a bug in Opera or
a configuration issue in your settings. Have you reproduced the issue
on a fresh Opera install or on Opera on another machine?

If nothing else the Opera team may come back with what makes the page
break in Opera. That would make fixing this way easier :)

Thank you,

On Tuesday, December 14, 2010, Alain O'Dea wrote:
> This is worth reporting to Opera's team.  It works in Safari, Chrome,
> Firefox and Internet Exwhich suggests
> On Tuesday, December 14, 2010,   wrote:
>> The left pane doesn't opens/shows correctly in the Opera browser. In fact only the last items ("System Documentation" always and sometimes "Miscellaneous") do. Could you please check this for the next iteration ? Thanks...
>> David "Kochise" KOCH

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