SASL won't write to my error_logs file

Steve Payne steven.payne@REDACTED
Tue Dec 14 01:13:35 CET 2010

Hi I am having trouble with SASL.  I have tried everything to get the
error logger to work but it still won't write to my error_logs file.
Here is what I have:


%% rotating log and minimal tty
[{sasl, [
{sasl_error_logger, false},
%% define the parameters of the rotating log
%% the log file directory
{error_logger_mf_dir, "/home/steve/error_logs"},
%% bytes per logfile
{error_logger_mf_maxbytes, 10485760}, % 10 MB
%% maximum number of logfiles
{error_logger_mf_maxfiles, 10}

Home directory:

Then in the shell

steve@REDACTED:~$ erl -boot start_sasl -config elog3
Erlang R13B03 (erts-5.7.4) [source] [64-bit] [smp:3:3] [rq:3]
[async-threads:0] [hipe] [kernel-poll:false]

Eshell V5.7.4  (abort with ^G)
1> error_logger:error_msg("This is an error\n").

=ERROR REPORT==== 11-Dec-2010::20:24:53 ===
This is an error

Then when I check the error_logs file there is nothing in it.  Why?  Am
I missing something?

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