[erlang-questions] is the SMALL_MEMORY define deprecated? (no) Why is it only used for VxWorks?

Martin Bjorklund mbj@REDACTED
Mon Dec 13 22:19:16 CET 2010


Matthias Lang <matthias@REDACTED> wrote:
> I noticed the 'SMALL_MEMORY' define in the emulator source. It's only
> ever enabled for vxworks, in sys/vxworks/erl_vxworks_sys.h.
> Question 1: is SMALL_MEMORY deprecated? (it's not documented anywhere)

I don't think it has ever been documented.

> Question 3: is anyone else using that define on a non-VxWorks system?

Yes, we have been using it for the last 5 years on R10, R13, and now
on R14.  IIRC it was actually you who mentioned it to me...


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