[erlang-questions] PPA for ubuntu?

Alessandro Sivieri alessandro.sivieri@REDACTED
Sat Dec 11 10:33:11 CET 2010

2010/12/11 Alain O'Dea <alain.odea@REDACTED>

> The risks include things like malware/spyware payloads in the PPA.
You are absolutely right; the only thing that I can say here is that,
because the above PPA is mine, I can tell you that I am not adding any
malware or spyware, I just take the Debian packages and build them for
Ubuntu. Of course, this is only my word...

> Please consider not using an Erlang PPA.
Well, I made this PPA for easily upgrading Erlang on Ubuntu, so in some way
I did it for me; if anyone finds it useful, feel free to use it. That's it.

Sivieri Alessandro

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