Handling TICK in a C Node running longish jobs

Robert Raschke rtrlists@REDACTED
Thu Dec 9 17:01:00 CET 2010


I've got a C program that acts as a Node using the nice EI interface libs.

The C program is single threaded. And it now turns out I sometimes want it
to do something that might actually take a few minutes.

This in turn leads to TICK messages not getting acknowledged in time and the
Erlang Node removing the timed out connection.

I'm looking for some thoughts on how best to approach this. A couple of
thoughts come to mind:

1. Make the C program multi-threaded.
2. Somehow lengthen the TICK interval for this connection.

The first one makes me cringe. And the second one I don't know how to do.

Any other ideas or pointers are most welcome,

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