Using systools:make_script() raises "*WARNING* inets: Source code not found"

Ricardo Catalinas Jiménez jimenezrick@REDACTED
Tue Dec 7 12:51:10 CET 2010


With R14B release when I run from my app project directory:

systools:make_script("myapp-rel", [local, {path, ["ebin"]}, {outdir, "ebin"}])

Given that my app depends on `inets', creating the script raises the next

*WARNING* inets: Source code not found: inets.erl
*WARNING* inets: Source code not found: inets_sup.erl
*WARNING* inets: Source code not found: inets_app.erl
... Missing all sources from `inets'

It seems that the `src' directory of `inets' is populated with several
subdirectories where the actual code is located:


Using `strace' under Linux shows that `make_script()' is not able to
look into that subdirectories.

Is there any sane way to make able `make_script()' to find the sources?

By the way, the option `no_module_tests' suppress the warning by
disabling that check:

systools:make_script("myapp-rel", [local, {path, ["ebin"]}, {outdir, "ebin"}], no_module_tests)

Thanks in advance.

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