[erlang-questions] Erlounge Melbourne - Sat 4/12

Edmond Begumisa ebegumisa@REDACTED
Mon Dec 6 12:02:53 CET 2010

It's interesting (or rather sad) that nobody had trouble identifying the  
group! Apparently, a table of people discussing concurrency,  
fault-tolerance and scalable databases in a bar on a Saturday night isn't  
that difficult to identify :(

On a serious note, the Erlounge was great. I met a lot of interesting  
people with interesting ideas and experiences. Nik, we should take up  
Francesco's suggestion on creating that mailing list.

Thank you Francesco and Julian for the excellent tutorial.

- Edmond -

On Sat, 04 Dec 2010 01:49:58 +1100, David Mercer <dmercer@REDACTED> wrote:

> On Thursday, December 02, 2010, Nikolas Bowe wrote:
>> If you want a description of what I look like, Ive got long (shoulder
>> length) brown hair.
>> Long hair is pretty rare for guys these days, so I doubt you will have
>> trouble picking me out.
> Since Erlang is Swedish, I suppose I always imagined the prototypical
> Erlanger as looking like Bjorn from ABBA.  He had shoulder-length brown
> hair, like you, so I guess my imagination isn't too far from the truth.  
> :-)
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