[erlang-questions] Re: Dialyzer and throw/catch

Kostis Sagonas kostis@REDACTED
Mon Dec 6 08:56:43 CET 2010

Gordon Guthrie wrote:
> Jachyem
> Of course you are right.
>> success typing is (string()) -> 'ok' and the contract is
> (Format::string())
> I had convinced my self that this was what dialyzer through
> muin_util:attempt should be returning but on looking at what I pasted in
> with fresh eyes this morning it is obvious that I am but a fool...
>> (About time I tried dialyzer more closely, it seems
> pretty smart ;-)
> Oh it is. We used to run it as part of our continuous integration - but on
> one upgrade of Erlang it fell into desuetude. So brining out code back to
> pristine tip-top form means wading through a lot of dialyser warnings :(

Yes. As you see, dialyzer is not only smart but is also quite sensitive! 
If it ever feels neglected for too long, it has a very effective way of 
letting you know that you should never do that again ;-)


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