[erlang-questions] how to debug memory leaks?

Mazen Harake mazen.harake@REDACTED
Sun Dec 5 08:36:34 CET 2010

Even if it is not a direct answer to your question I would like to 
recommend entop which helps you monitor these things.

Check it out here:

If it has short comings then you can read about how to customize it here:


On 04/12/2010 12:42, mabrek wrote:
> Hello.
> I've got an erlang process that seems to leak memory. It's heap size
> increases slowly over time. Are there any tools to examine process
> heap content in runtime?
> In Java I can get a heap dump of running JVM and analyze it later with
> number of tools. It shows full content of application memory.
> Regards,
> Anton Lebedevich.
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