[erlang-questions] OTP-EVA-MIB

Andrey Pampukha andrey.pampukha@REDACTED
Thu Dec 2 18:33:56 CET 2010

This is the latest mention of EVA that I've found:

2010/12/2, Andrey Pampukha <andrey.pampukha@REDACTED>:
> I've just tried googling for OTP-EVA-MIB,
> found some interesting links to obsolete Erlang/OTP docs like
> http://www.erlang.org/documentation/doc-5.2/lib/eva-2.0.3/doc/html/eva_snmp_adaptation.html
> EVA is Event and Alarm handler, and I guess it has been deprecated and
> removed from OTP someday, but not fully.
> I suppose it might be the rudiments of some Ericsson's product written
> in Erlang like AXD301...
> 2010/12/2, Dmitriy Kargapolov <dmitriy.kargapolov@REDACTED>:
>> Hello,
>> Does anybody know if logging and alarm management based on
>> OTP-EVA-MIB.mib
>> have ever been implemented?
>> I found content of this MIB pretty interesting. It makes me thinking that
>> there could be at least attempt to implement OTP logging and alarm
>> management via SNMP, but I couldn't find any traces of this. Just one
>> file
>> lib/otp_mibs/mibs/OTP-EVA-MIB.mib which by default is not copied into
>> release tarball, and some artefacts:
>> $ grep -C3 evaLog lib/tv/src/tv_main.hrl
>> -define(MNESIA_TABLES, [alarm,
>>             alarmTable,
>>             evaLogDiscriminatorTable,
>>             eva_snmp_map,
>>             eventTable,
>>             group,
>> Thanks.

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