[erlang-questions] SNMP AGENT-CAPABILITIES

Martin Bjorklund mbj@REDACTED
Wed Dec 1 13:09:26 CET 2010


Dmitriy Kargapolov <dmitriy.kargapolov@REDACTED> wrote:
> Trying to improve SNMP agent for some app written in Erlang, I found that
> Erlang MIB compiler does not support AGENT-CAPABILITIES statement which is
> actually a macro from SNMPv2-CONF.

Normally, an invocation of the AGENT-CAPABILITIES macro is specified
in a separate document from the normal MIB modules.  It documents how
a certain agent (or family of agents) conforms to a set of MIB

Do you mean that you want the MIB compiler to support this use case?
If so, what exactly do you want the compiler to do?

In some (odd) cases you get files with both normal MIB modules, and an
AGENT-CAPABILITIES invocation in the same file.  Is this the use case
you want to support?

I have modified the MIB compiler to "support" this macro.  The grammar
builds a record of the information, and then the compiler ignores this
record.  Some day I should make it available in git...


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