[erlang-questions] emacs tool and the -smp erlang option

info info@REDACTED
Wed Dec 1 09:01:10 CET 2010

Thank you for your answer. Other guy found my fault:
- inferior-erlang-machine-options parameter is overwritten in the .emacs file!
Therefore the modification, for my case, shall be performed in .emacs file and not in erlang.el file:
- (setq inferior-erlang-machine-options '("-sname" "emacs" "-smp" "enable")) 

But ...
but this modification seems to not be sufficient.

I tried to compile and execute one of the examples:
C:\Program Files\erl5.8\lib\wx-0.98.6\examples\simple\hello.erl
I run it with the following command:
but nothing happens !!!

Any ideas ?

J-Ph. Constantin
ITS3 Genève

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