calling erlang functions from php

Pablo Platt pablo.platt@REDACTED
Wed Sep 23 03:17:15 CEST 2009


I have a website built with php. 

I have an erlang application running as a daemon on the same server. 

I need to call erlang functions from php and get back the result.

I've found php/erlang and other php modules but I can't install a php module on this server
just use php scripts. 

I can install and use any erlang app.

The only way I know to solve it is to run an erlang webserver locally that the php will be able to talk to.
Is there a better way to solve it? 

If using httpd server is the best way, what erlang server to use? 

It should be as light as possible, simple and obviously doesn't need features like ssl and doesn't need to handle large load.



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