newbie having difficulty with inet_res:nslookup

Jeff Macdonald macfisherman@REDACTED
Sun Sep 13 17:27:46 CEST 2009

Hi All,

I wrote a fairly simple program to look up MX records for domains and
then look up the exhanger's A and AAAA records. I'm trying to see how
many MX's have IPv6 capable hosts.

My program simply reads a file which contains a domain per line and
spawns a processes/thread/child for each domain. The spawned process
then does the MX, A and AAAA lookups and prints the results to STDOUT
as a erlang tupple. This seems to work fine for a small sample set of
10 rows but when trying 100 rows or more I get:

=ERROR REPORT==== 12-Sep-2009::23:06:41 ===
Error in process <0.11161.0> with exit value:

My program is below. Usage is:

mx:init({192,168, 1, 1}). (replace that tupple with the IP of your DNS server)

I currently can't share a list of domains because it is customer data,
but I sure there is some lists somewhere.

I suspect that I'm overloading the DNS server at home. That is just
whatever is running in my linksys router. Any other suggestions about
the code welcomed. I know I could probably run the A and AAAA queries
in parallel. I also can probably skip queries when the data is present
in the MX results. For now, I'm just trying to get the basics.


%% Author: jeff
%% Created: Sep 10, 2009
%% Description: TODO: Add description to mx

%% Include files

%% Exported Functions
-export([init/1, process_file/1, do_lookups/1]).

%% API Functions

init(Resolver)	->

process_file(Filename)	->
	{ok,Fh}=file:open(Filename, [read]),

do_lookups(Domain)	->
	Address=lists:map(fun lookup_address/1, MX_list),
    io:format("~p:~n\t~p~n~n", [Domain, Address]).

%% Local Functions

read_file(Fh)	->
	case io:get_line(Fh, "") of
		eof				-> done;
		{error, Reason}	-> {error, Reason};
		Data			->

process_data(Data)	->
	spawn(mx, do_lookups, [Data]).

lookup_mx(Domain)	->
	case inet_res:nslookup(Domain, 1, mx) of
		{error, Reason}	-> Reason;
		{ok, #dns_rec{ anlist = Ans }} -> lists:map(fun parse_mx/1, Ans)

lookup_address(Host)	->
	{ Host,	{a, lookup_address(Host, a)},
	 		{aaaa, lookup_address(Host, aaaa)} }.

lookup_address(Host, a)	->
	case inet_res:nslookup(Host, 1, a) of
		{error, Reason}	-> Reason;
		{ok, #dns_rec{ anlist = Ans }} -> lists:map(fun parse_a/1, Ans)

lookup_address(Host, aaaa)	->
	case inet_res:nslookup(Host, 1, aaaa) of
		{error, Reason}	-> Reason;
		{ok, #dns_rec{ anlist = Ans }} -> Host,lists:map(fun parse_aaaa/1, Ans)

parse_mx( RR )	->
	#dns_rr{ type=mx, data={ _Pref, Exchange} } = RR,

parse_a( RR )	->
	#dns_rr{ type=a, data=Address } = RR,

parse_aaaa( RR )	->
	#dns_rr{ type=aaaa, data=Address } = RR,

Jeff Macdonald
Ayer, MA

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