Google Trends for Erlang

Eugene Ossintsev eugoss@REDACTED
Sun Sep 13 05:51:08 CEST 2009

I'm not sure why South Korea is the number one. Maybe due to their
incredible thirst for knowledge?

#2 for Sweden and #3 for Russia are fair enough. No questions here.

Why isn't the USA at the top? I don't know. Why sould it be? FP
languages are not very popular in the USA, unfortunately. More in
Europe and Russia.

On Sep 12, 11:03 am, Steve Davis <steven.charles.da...@REDACTED>
> Some weekend "fun", and the results of this surprised me greatly:
> ...who would have thought that the most active region (at least by
> search rank) would be Korea and not Sweden, the UK or the USA?
> /sd
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