[erlang-questions] crone.erl: tasks never executed

Rob Charlton rob@REDACTED
Mon Sep 7 19:11:12 CEST 2009

info wrote:
> Really NOTHING: no "sleeping for ..." messages.
> Dnia 2009-09-07, pon o godzinie 18:20 +0200, info pisze:
>> I changed jobs in order to see their starting but ... nothing !
Try going back to a copy of the source before you edited it. I just
pulled down and compiled crone.erl and crone_test.erl, uncommented the
io:fwrite in loop_task and got the following output:

3> crone_test:start().
 {io,fwrite,["Hello, world!~n"]}}: sleeping for 20:53:03
{{daily,{3,30,pm}},{io,fwrite,["It's three thirty~n"]}}: sleeping for
{{daily,[{1,10,am},{1,7,30,am}]},{io,fwrite,["Bing~n"]}}: sleeping for
{{weekly,thu,{2,am}},{io,fwrite,["It's 2 Thursday morning~n"]}}:
sleeping for 79:53:03
{{weekly,wed,{2,am}},{io,fwrite,["It's 2 Wednesday morning~n"]}}:
sleeping for 55:53:03
{{weekly,fri,{2,am}},{io,fwrite,["It's 2 Friday morning~n"]}}: sleeping
for 103:53:03
{{monthly,1,{2,am}},{io,fwrite,["First of the month!~n"]}}: sleeping for
{{monthly,4,{2,am}},{io,fwrite,["Fourth of the month!~n"]}}: sleeping
for 655:53:03

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