[erlang-questions] State of the Union: FFI

Nicolas Niclausse nicolas@REDACTED
Fri Sep 4 17:02:09 CEST 2009

Alceste Scalas ecrivait le 16/04/2009 12:04:
> Il giorno mer, 15/04/2009 alle 10.32 -0700, Zvi ha scritto:
>> There is no ArithAlloc macro in R13A, so I changed it to HAlloc.
>> There is digit_t type in R13A so I defined it as ErtsHalfDigit   (typedef
>> Uint16 digit_t;)
>> Fortunattely there not too much changes: [...]
>> Can you prepare a clean diff against R13A sources?
>> Maybe Alceste will help us.
> Thank you for your work!
> I'm a bit busy right now, but I'll try your changes here and generate
> some clean diffs (I'm managing the FFI stuff in a Mercurial repository,
> I'll need to rebase everything on R13A in order to keep the history).


Any news on FFI for R13B ? And what is the status of the EEP  ?


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