Question about erlang.log

Wael Ebrahim wael.ebrahim@REDACTED
Wed Nov 25 15:21:27 CET 2009

I have a question about Erlang log. 
I have a target system and I want to increase the size and number of log
files named erlang.log.1 ....erlang.log.5 in the directory ROOT_DIR/log/

The default values are 5 files each one is 100K , but I had a very big
crash that was repeated multiple times causing these files to be
overwritten, and I couldn't reach its start.
I know I can use sasl for this kind of monitoring, but it doesn't log
the user input on the erlang shell as the erlang.log.x does.
Also sasl doesn't log any output except from standard applications, or
Any ideas about increasing size of these files "erlang.log.x" ???
Thanks in advance,

Wael Ebrahim

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