[erlang-questions] The 2 GB limit

Valentin Micic v@REDACTED
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I must express my skepticism regarding dets performance when a file reaches
such a level of "data density" (assuming that 2 GB translates to at least a
few million records). As much as I believe that reading from such a big file
may be relatively fast, I think that updating the data would be
disproportionately slower. In my experience, the only way to maintain a good
performance with sizable data sets (say, 50-150 million records) in dets is
to distribute data over a number of dets files (similar to what mnesia
fragmentation does).
So, if my skepticism is justifiable, this is not a question of how difficult
it is to increase a dets file size limit, but would there be any point in
doing it?


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Is there any plan (or work in progress) for removing the 2 GB size
limit of dets files?

And, while this is not accomplished, do you think it could be easier
to try to raise that limit to 4 GB? Assuming the issue is related to
32-bit addressing, I'm guessing (just guessing) that dealing with 4 GB
files should not be difficult. Am I wrong? Why?


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