[erlang-questions] Erlang crypto_drv in R13B02/03 fails to load on amd64-Solaris2.10

Peter-Henry Mander phmander@REDACTED
Fri Nov 20 22:23:47 CET 2009

Hi Per,

A useful point, but no. I've been careful to ensure that the build is 64 bit:

> /bin/file ./R13B03-2009-11-19-fix/lib/erlang/erts-5.7.4/bin/beam.smp
./R13B03-2009-11-19-fix/lib/erlang/erts-5.7.4/bin/beam.smp:     ELF
64-bit LSB executable AMD64 Version 1, dynamically linked, not

> /bin/file ./R13B03-2009-11-19-fix/lib/erlang/lib/crypto-1.6.3/priv/lib/crypto_drv.so
    ELF 64-bit LSB dynamic lib AMD64 Version 1, dynamically linked,
not stripped

I'm not saying that nothing slipped the net, I've not checked every
single file, but at least not the runtime nor the crypto driver.

Björn-Egil Dahlberg and Sverker Eriksson suggested that linker flags
"-Wl,-Bsymbolic" applied to crypto_drv.so build might offer respite,
but this was unsuccessful. I may have stuck in the wrong place, mind


On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 9:00 PM, Per Hedeland <per@REDACTED> wrote:
> From my limited experience of deciphering completely incomprehensible
> linker error messages (which seems to be a universal feature across
> *nixes), I would guess that you have a 32-bit beam and a 64-bit
> crypto_drv.so. What does 'file' say?

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 5:18 PM, Sverker Eriksson
<sverker@REDACTED> wrote:
> On 64-bit Linux we added gcc option "-Wl,-Bsymbolic" to get crypto to link
> in R13B03. Could be worth a try on solaris as well.

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