Distributed Applications Release

Jan Vincent jvliwanag@REDACTED
Sat Nov 14 02:32:42 CET 2009


We're doing a system with a set of related, inter-dependent programs which are deployed independently. They primarily use erlang's global names. I was hoping to craft releases for each deployable program. However, as one program may use the API of another and/or may need others to be started on a remote node. I am not sure how to do write the '.app' and '.rel' files properly. I am considering the following options:

1. Should I write the actual dependencies in the .app file even though they won't be started in that release? However, doing this fails since the app being started needs the other to be loaded on that same node. (Not sure on this though.)

2. Skip on the writing the applications depended on the .app entirely.

3. Should I just create one release for all the different applications but are then deployed to different nodes? Problem is, adding and/or removing an instance of one app may be tedious since this becomes monolithic.

Thanks guys

Jan Vincent Liwanag

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