SCTP accept?

Steve Davis steven.charles.davis@REDACTED
Sun Nov 8 17:48:13 CET 2009

I must be incredibly dense! Many words later, I'm still 100% unclear
as to how to use gen_sctp effectively to do "http over sctp".

The documentation shows an
"Example of an Erlang SCTP Server which receives SCTP messages and
prints them on the standard output."
...but does not really address how you reply unless you do everything
from the one server process.

To have any chance of scaling I would think that you'd want to process
client requests in a number of worker processes at the server side

With tcp you hand over the socket you get from accept -- but I'm
entirely unclear what the equivalent of controlling_process(Socket,
Pid) would be for associations?

Any education would be very gratefully "accepted"!


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