R11 configuration problem

Göran Båge goran.bage@REDACTED
Tue Nov 3 16:55:05 CET 2009


I tried to install R11R-5 on my new Imac running Snow Leopard and
got this trying to configure:
checking for IP version 6 support... yes
checking for multicast support... rm: conftest.dSYM: is a directory
checking how to correct for time adjustments... none
checking if gethrvtime works and how to use it... not working
checking if clock_gettime can be used to get process CPU time... not working
checking for unreliable floating point execptions...

and there it gets stuck, hangs forever (or a very long time).
Anyone out there know what the problem is?
No problems with R12, R13, and yes I need R11 as we have customer installations
using R11 that we need to maintain.

-- Goran
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