[erlang-questions] weird mneisa/escript problem in r13

Yogish Baliga yogishb@REDACTED
Tue Nov 3 07:48:50 CET 2009


-mnesia dir '"test/bunderl"'

NOTE: double quote within single quotes/

-- baliga

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From: Garry Hodgson <garry@REDACTED>
To: erlang-questions@REDACTED
Sent: Mon, November 2, 2009 8:45:48 PM
Subject: [erlang-questions] weird mneisa/escript problem in r13

i am using mnesia from within some escript code, and i cannot get
it to work on both r13b01 and r13b02-2.  the error occurs when i call
mnesia:create_schema( [Node] ).  i specify an mnesia dir on line 2 of
the escript code using one of:

1) %%! -mnesia dir '"test/bunderl"'
2) %%! -mneisa dir "test/bunderl"

when i use version 1, it works on r13b01, but fails on r13b02-2 with:
{"Cannot create Mnesia dir",
"/home/garry/admin/\"test/bunderl\"", enoent}}
and yes, the appropriate dirs exist, and it fails the same if i clean
it out between runs.  i am running it from /home/garry/admin, and test/bundle exists and is writable and all that.

when i use version 2, it works on r13b02-2, but fails on r13b01 with:
=ERROR REPORT==== 2-Nov-2009::23:28:06 ===
application_controller: bad term: test/bunderl
escript: exception throw: {create_failed,bunderl@REDACTED,

am i doing something wrong, or is there a bug in one or the other of these releases?

-- Garry Hodgson
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