[erlang-questions] NonBlocking TCP Server

Serge Aleynikov saleyn@REDACTED
Sun Jun 28 15:14:47 CEST 2009

I just tried this implementation with the latest version of Erlang and 
found no issues.  What TCP client were you using?  Perhaps you were 
using telnet and didn't change the echo server's options to {packet, 0} 
instead of {packet, 2} in tutorial?


Allan Merolla wrote:
> Hello All,
> I've been writing a TCP server in erlang and after studying some OTP principals found this blog on how to build an TCP server using OTP. My question is: is there anything that has changed in the latest release builds of the erlang VM that would stop this code from working. I find that the gen_fsm does not receive any messages when the {active,once} is set.
> http://www.trapexit.org/Building_a_Non-blocking_TCP_server_using_OTP_principles
> Thanks in Advance.
> Allan Merolla

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