[erlang-questions] booting erlang off of amazon s3

Greg Perry Greg.Perry@REDACTED
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Re-bundling an AMI with the most recent version of the software you are using is the best bet; you could also look at using a Yum repository which automatically updates the core OS and Erlang node periodically or on Yum update on boot boot (this is assuming you are running RHEL 5.x / CentOS 5.x).

GlusterFS is an interesting concept on the Lustre theme that folks have been using for distributed filesystems, although their S3 brick interface was abandoned some time ago.  Maybe using a distributed filesystem with Gluster would be possible, with a single Erlang binary distribution instead of disparate binaries on each host.

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I'm configuring Erlang clusters on EC2 again and need to figure out  
how to update the cluster with new versions of the code.

I could rebuild the image but that's quite time-consuming.

I could use a boot server but that would require two instances for  

Has anyone tried booting off of Amazon S3? That would be like using a  
network disk available to all the EC2 instances.

	Thanks, Joel

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