Does ei_connect on windows work?

Andrew Thompson andrew@REDACTED
Thu Jun 11 00:32:57 CEST 2009


I've been toying with porting my ei/ei_connect based FreeSWITCH (an open
source VOIP soft-switch, see module to windows because
I've had a couple requests for it. I figured it'd be pretty easy once
I fixed all the networking code to be winsock compliant. However, even
once I fixed all that (and some other cool snags introduced by visual
C++) I'm now having cool errors when I call ei_accept_tmo. I looked at
the source for the ei files and I'm unclear as to how well supported
the ei_connect stuff is supported on windows, it uses int for sockets
instead of the win32 SOCKET type, for example and I noticed that
initWinSock() tries to initialize winsock 1.1 (the one that debuted with
windows 95) instead winsock 2 (which is available for 95, NT4 and up).

Can anyone give me an idea as to if trying to write a C node to run
under windows is even possible with the current status of ei_connnect.



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