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Sat Jun 6 22:34:23 CEST 2009


What is the best solution for soap calls in erlang?

Let me put some context in the previous question, in the project I've been
working lately, we have to have a soap interaction with some external
systems. Right now this communication is handle by a erlang cnode (you know,
a c program that acts as a erlang node). But time as passed by since the
construction of that solution, so for the last week I have been
investigating the yaws_soap_lib module, it sort of works for us (the remote
system implements security with a microsoft extension to soap, so...). Other
approach to this problem may be is using a port and implement in c or java a
solution for the problem. What do you recommend me?

thanks guys.

//sorry for my English

απó μηχανῆς θεóς

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