Frequent crashes in inets http client (R12B-5)

Chris Newcombe chris.newcombe@REDACTED
Fri Jun 5 16:43:54 CEST 2009

Is there a patch for the following issue?

It was reported a while ago:
I didn't see any replies)

Here's a bit more detail:

httpc_handler is crashing with


(BTW it would be great if badrecord errors also contained the incorrect
term, not just the name of the expected record type)

It’s crashing in


The last message received by the gen_server is


The gen_server #state is


I think the relevant element is the first one (request).

i.e. request == undefined

Given the message, it seems almost certain that the crash is in the second
timeout clause of handle_info,

(marked below with ***).

This clause will fire even if request == undefined, but will try to use
Request#request.from, which crashes with {badrecord,request}

       %%% Timeouts

       %% Internaly, to a request handling process, a request time out is

       %% seen as a canceld request.

       handle_info({timeout, RequestId}, State =

                   #state{request = Request = #request{id = RequestId}}) ->



           {stop, normal,

            State#state{canceled = [RequestId | State#state.canceled],

                        request = Request#request{from = answer_sent}}};

***    handle_info({timeout, RequestId}, State = #state{request = Request})



           {noreply, State#state{canceled = [RequestId |

       handle_info(timeout_pipeline, State = #state{request = undefined}) ->

           {stop, normal, State};

It looks like State#state.request is being set to undefined without
cancelling an in-progress request timer.

I've only glanced at the code, but both of the following clauses appear to
do that.

(But it could easily be something else.)

        %% On a redirect or retry the current request becomes

        %% obsolete and the manager will create a new request

        %% with the same id as the current.

        {redirect, NewRequest, Data}->

            ok = httpc_manager:redirect_request(NewRequest, ProfileName),

            handle_pipeline(State#state{request = undefined}, Data);

        {retry, TimeNewRequest, Data}->

            ok = httpc_manager:retry_request(TimeNewRequest, ProfileName),

            handle_pipeline(State#state{request = undefined}, Data);



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