[Spam] Re: [erlang-questions] problem using erlsrv on windows server 2008

Ryan Davis ryan@REDACTED
Mon Jun 1 23:11:03 CEST 2009

Michael McDaniel wrote:
>  Though I am not an MS windows user, I noticed you have not
>  mentioned this cookie 
>     C:\Documents and Settings\User\.erlang.cookie
>  as described here ...
>     http://www.rabbitmq.com/install.html
> ~Michael
I have reviewed that page extensively.  "C:\Users" is the new "/home"
equivalent in Windows 2008 (not sure why they keep changing it).  I have
tried copying the .erlang.cookie into several different directories in
my user folder (including the %APPDATA% directory).  I've also launched
an erlang shell (using erl5.7.1/bin/erl.exe -sname "test" -cookie coo)
and erlang:get_cookie/0 matches the contents of the system
.erlang.cookie file.

I have changed the provided rabbitmqctl.bat command to include the
"-cookie coo" flag, and still no dice.


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