[erlang-questions] how to break the problem. the erlang way?

Dave Pawson dave.pawson@REDACTED
Fri Jul 31 16:56:09 CEST 2009

I'll await the answer to this one!
The design (problem breakdown) is quit new to me.

2009/7/31 Ovidiu Deac <ovidiudeac@REDACTED>:

> I come with C++/Python experience and in OO approach I would have the
> following components:
> 1. A Receiver who connects to the multicast and receives the packets
> 2. An Orderer who's responsability is to order the packets by their
> sequence number and detect the missing ones.
> 3. An Unpacker who's responsability is to unpack the incomming packets
> and extract the messages.
> 4. A Decoder who does the deserialization of the messages
> 5. A Writer who puts the messages in the file.
> Now if I move all this to Erlang I would map the objects to processes.

But still have the same breakdown? That's where I hesitated.
Surely there's something different here?
Perhaps 'get a packet' process, since it's easy to have lots of them?
Extract messages sounds clean, dealing with finished messages.
Less sure on the remainder.



Dave Pawson
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