Learn you some Erlang for great good!

Fred Hebert (MononcQc) mononcqc@REDACTED
Tue Jul 28 19:03:44 CEST 2009

Some of the readers of this list may be familiar with
http://learnyouahaskell.com/, an online book/tutorial dedicated to teaching
Haskell in a lighthearted way.
I've always thought Erlang had a steep learning curve unless you decide to
pay for books (the few of them are excellent, though). A good while ago, I
took time to discuss with the author of Learn You a Haskell and I decided to
start a version specifically for Erlang with his agreement. The objectives
are pretty much the same (lighthearted tutorials for beginners, free of
charge) and so is the concept.
I've written a few chapters already (Introduction, how to install, basic
shell commands, some of the basic data types) and although the text is still
very short, I've got a website up and running.
I'm looking for a few people with different levels of knowledge of Erlang in
order to review the first chapters. I'm looking to validate:  a. the
accessibility of information; b. if the information is right; c. gather
comments and criticism. I find it important to do a first review early in
the writing in order to fix flaws or improve on parts of the writing before
having to change too much stuff.
If you feel like giving me a helping hand in making the first chapters as
good as possible through your reviews, just send me an email back. I'll
forward the URL and user/password needed to see the info (I'm protecting
everything until reviewed, in order not to broadcast false or inappropriate
Of course, once the first chapters are pushed in production, I'll keep
writing and might ask for some more help, if you don't mind the occasional
Thanks in advance.

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