[erlang-questions] Re: Misultin v0.1 released

Roberto Ostinelli roberto@REDACTED
Tue Jul 28 18:18:34 CEST 2009

> Hi Roberto,
> Always good to have more tools for building stuff with Erlang, but I
> am driven to comment on your benchmark comment:
> "Misultin is an average *25-30% faster* than Mochiweb" (your emphasis)
> ...well, this doesn't surprise me enormously as Misultin appears to do
> about 40-50% less than Mochiweb!
> I can see a use for Misultin for very simple serving apps, but as soon
> as you get into building any non-trivial application you'll need to
> add back that functionality -- and I suspect that will slow the server
> down a fair bit.

hi steve,

i believe this to be incorrect.

true, mochiweb comes loaded with many nice functionalities: json,  
cookies, multipart, ... fact is, these are not called on every  
request, but are *available* to a programmer upon need: an incoming  
request get does *not* get though all this code unless it is  
specifically asked by a programmer.

misultin speed compared with mochiweb comes from the different  
approach to the socket handling, and that alone. as you can see, the  
benchmark used is very simple, it just echoes a variable passed in  
GET, and the code to do so is very similar for both libraries.

> Out of interest, you should take a look at the Yaws/Mochiweb
> comparison (link?). These are interesting because Yaws does in general
> 50-80% more for you than Mochiweb but yet compares very favorably on
> the benchmarks.

if you are referring to joe's bench i'm pretty familiar with it :)

> Congrats on your release and thanks for sharing this with us.
> Best regards,
> Steve

thank you for your feedback, steve. sincerely.


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