[erlang-questions] Misultin v0.1 released

Roberto Ostinelli roberto@REDACTED
Tue Jul 28 09:50:18 CEST 2009

On 28/lug/09, at 07:31, Mazen Harake wrote:

> You seem to have the same flaw I found in Yaws a couple of months  
> ago...
> Look at line 99 in misultin_socket.erl... it seems that you will  
> endlessly collect headers... not a good idea. You should add a  
> counter to allow perhaps only 30 headers or a 1000 or so otherwise  
> your Erlang VM will come crashing down.

thank tou mazen,

misultin_socket has already been patched to solve the issue you point  


> oh and also... no documentation only a stupid online wiki :(

it's a simple library, i believe Exports are pretty much inline with  
the rest of the erlang man pages:


this, coupled with examples, i really think should do.


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